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The island Cres is the biggest Croatian island, situated at the northern tip of Kvarner gulf. Island Cres is long and narrow mountainous island stretching 66 km and length and only from 2 to 12 km in width.

Although scarcely populated, island Cres has been inhabited since later stone age. This is why island Cres is reach in historical and cultural sites, including ancient cities and buildings remains, early roman-catholic churches and chapels, Glagolitic engravings in stone, Venetian heritage buildings and recent monuments and sculptures.
Island Cres is connected with a short narrow bridge to the smaller but much more populated island Losinj. On the way along these two islands, the scenery keeps changing dramatically, from steep shores and high peaks to low plains and lagoons. Vegetation is incredibly diverse: from scarce rocky pastures, scattered olive and fig trees, to dense shrubs, coastal forests and finally rich pine forests.
Island Cres is also famous for its self-sufficient water supply: a huge freshwater lake Vrana has enough water to comfortably supply both islands, Cres and Losinj with drinking water of excellent quality. Immediate access to the lake is not allowed for obvious reasons, but there is plenty of scenic spots around offering breathtaking views of the lake. Numerous ancient (Iliric) remains in the area indicate the lake was important not only as a water resource, but was also used for fishing and transport.
The origin of the lake is still a mystery, attracting local and international researchers. Research results lead to the two main theories. First one, based on limestone phenomenon, indicates the water comes from underground all the way from the mainland. The second, more substantiated theory, sees this lake as being native to the island, with its whole water supply coming from the rain.


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